Respecting nature is, and must always be, extremely important in order to protect and preserve the environment. Here at Finca El Quinto we hold this as one of our key principles. Finca El Quinto was consolidated almost twenty years ago; our goal is to get you to enjoy the magical environment of this rural area, with a natural landscape scenery that is both emblematic and perfectly connected with the rest of the island.

In order to protect the environment, here at Finca el Quinto we aim to preserve our natural heritage, since, without it, neither we nor the thousands of visitors who come to Lanzarote and the rest of the Canary Islands all year long would be able to enjoy our landscape anymore.

Lanzarote’s Landscape

Lanzarote counts with a large number of natural resources that we are proud of, since they make our island an idyllic place to get in touch with nature. Over 70,000 m2 of land next to our estate are proof of that. The landscape sets the tone of Lanzarote with its active volcanic area and predominantly restricted agriculture, since the island does not have any significant slopes above sea level.

It is the traditions like agriculture and husbandry which invite the visitor to enjoy and contemplate nature in all its splendour. Among this beauty, we find a contrast between the volcanic landscape and the latest agricultural and gathering techniques used to pick up the different raw resources: for example, the grape fields or the salt mines next to the sea.

Fauna and Flora

This, along with an incredible natural landscape essential for both visitors and locals, allows us to find several protected areas of great environmental quality. The vegetation mingles with the volcanic terrain, which resists fire. The flora and fauna has resisted the course of centuries, which is enough reason for us humans to try to help preserve it.

One of the best examples we can offer in our vicinity is the common ice plant, used to obtain dyes and sodium carbonate. There is also a large variety of native plants, like the different varieties of cacti, which can endure the year-round soft weather of the Canary Islands.


Lanzarote offers diversity and a contrast between the earth, the sea and the sky. We try to instil a modest, charismatic and simple life at all times, as well as a passion for the different animals that make up our fauna, like dromedaries, donkeys or goats, and others that live in the island: invertebrates, crustaceans, reptiles, birds and fish. All of them are part of our living history and the main treasures that we can find in Lanzarote.

Several films, ad campaigns and photographs have been taken in Lanzarote due to its natural landscape, unique in the whole world with towns of white houses amongst the young volcanoes, buried power lines and the lack of billboards on the roads, which aims to maintain our natural heritage untouched by the hand of man as far as possible.

Furthermore, we can find wonderful and natural beaches close to Finca El Quinto, such as the ones in Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca, La Santa and Famara. It is a place conditioned towards the enjoyment of all the visitors and those who seek to experience the island’s landscape, simple and yet in cooperation with nature.

The estate counts with modern architecture on the inside, but simple on the outside, making emphasis on the island’s own architectonic style, with white houses, encouraging rural tourism and allowing you to enjoying your visit to the fullest, with direct contact with all of the natural elements that our surroundings can offer.

A Thousand Ways to Live Tourism

The number of tourists that come to this place grows more and more each day, each one with their own opinion on travelling. From rural tourism, whose popularity has grown in the last few years, to wine or oenological tourism, and let’s not forget tourists who just want to enjoy a day on the beach or those who wish to discover Lanzarote’s natural wonders and architecture.

The island fuses, in an extraordinary way, different landscapes of clear water, homely and welcoming villages, and a volcanic terrain that resembles that of Mars or the Moon; it will not fail to make an impression on you. This scenery makes its inhabitants proud, and it has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, an important title rewarded to the island for the different elements that make Lanzarote unique.

A good example of this would be Timanfaya National Park: an exceptional proof of the volcanic life of the area, characterised by the complete absence of vegetation all around the place. This landscape, full of wrinkled shapes, is a park that offers an extraordinary beauty and has, thus, been declared one of Spain’s national parks.

Lanzarote’s architecture has been heavily touched by the hands of the artist César Manrique. The 20th century influences have forged the way the island understands culture, architecture and art, which is then reflected in its touristic monuments, houses and even the structural framework of its streets, as seen in the village of San Bartolomé. The whole island is full with this artist’s works, even in their simplest forms and in the most unexpected places.

Therefore, here at Finca El Quinto we offer a place that is in symbiosis with nature, an idyllic place where conservation is our key principle in order to enjoy Lanzarote in the highest comfort, in an eternal and completely unique landscape, with the kindness and affection we profess for our island and all of our visitors.